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Types of bags


Types of bags

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    Bag can be divided into backpacks, bags and haul packages. The types and uses a very detailed, according to the summit of outdoor specialty stores expert Lexus introduced sub mountaineering bags, travel bags and daily urban trips or excursions bags, these bags are very different functions and purposes. Mountaineering bag is divided into large bags, big bag outside the rack and two inner shelf and have, since the outer shelf is very inconvenient to travel in the mountains, is generally recommended to use within the rack bag.

    To five days to Sichuan Siguniangshan hiking, for example, is recommended for men 70 liters -80 liters bags, ladies bags 40 liters -50 liters. The best fucking bag or purse with removable, after arriving at the camp, can be used on the fucking thing or pockets in the large bag left in the camp, traveling light. While carrying a large bag, filled with heavy luggage to seem cool look will attract a lot of attention, however, to bear in their own body weight only be realized, no one tired shoulder for you to share, so when traveling to some To do what, in the choice of bags must "choose the amount of body bag."

    When you select must try heavy bag that will be equivalent to the weight of what they try to pack the effect on the bag, or borrow a friend's bag test back, back when try to pay attention to whether the bag with his back against the , belt and chest strap is appropriate, as well as men's and women separately, and so on. Without a good bag, the same will not let you Yaosuanbeiteng filling. According to staff Pathfinder outdoor store presentation, filling the order of items in general (bottom-up): sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavy equipment, supplies, beverages. When the bag is recommended to purchase the professional guidance by a professional shop to buy, when to buy must be picky, do not just look at the brand, inappropriate and do not improvise rather not, after all, tired of the self.

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