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On handbag design thinking


On handbag design thinking

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Bag design is a creative activity, which includes both physical and chemical processes of thinking and, therefore, multifunctional bag, handbag design rich benefits should be something out there according to evidence, this condition is based on consumer objects, design theme, design theme, although in the design process does not require literally one by one to list a bunch of design theory, but this does not mean the freedom to be their own thing with impunity manifested, so our design will be vague and meaningless . Design approach is common in many areas and some design means the design is not unique fashion design, design methods emphasize the perspective of thinking rather than specific technical process. Handbag design approach is the use of design vocabulary and design law handbag design combines the characteristics and requirements of the expanded design tools. When the role of design approach is the lack of effective means of image or missing in the designer's mind, to provide the necessary assistance. Multifunction bag, handbag handbag design rich benefits often apply the following ten kinds of design methods: physical changes in the design method, bionic design method, retro design method, series design method, the reverse design method, change the design method, Lenovo design method, combined with design, exaggerated design method and subtraction design method, then I make a design method of the above in detail, so that in our design process can be applied bag

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