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How to maintain the backpack


How to maintain the backpack

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About "backpack how to care?" Related issues, 
       Backpack or shoulder bag is generally said that men preferred a single product, men are more casual personality is not very focused on maintenance. Actually versatile bag also need maintenance. 
       No matter what kind of backpack must be easy to make, easy to take. The number of items should match the trip distance and the number of days, the items to be carried folded, wrapped in plastic bags items, to prevent dirty and wet, something breakable, wrap available softer stuff, try on top. The total weight of the backpack is the best men's weight does not exceed one-third, Ms. no more than a quarter. cosmetic pouch
       You can pay attention to the back of the packaging materials at the following points: top-heavy, heavy and frequently used items should be placed in the upper easier to get to the backpack, light objects should be placed at the bottom. Heavy items such as food, tents should also be placed on the upper part; lighter items such as sleeping bags, clothing, etc. can be placed on the bottom of the site. Soft material posted back can be softer items such as clothing and put in place near the back, so that when Shaojue comfortable carrying. After using the first release, some of the items to be arrived at the camp after use, should be placed at the bottom, such as sleeping bags, replace clothing. Outermost emergency, emergency supplies such as flashlight, medicine bag and raincoat, etc. should be placed on the outside, easy to pick up. About symmetry, right back method backpack, belt fastened at the waist position, adjust the strap length, tension adjustment length with backpack straps to the back of the cooperation. 
       Backpack dirty wash water is available, and then placed in a cool dry place, do something directly with fire or electric drying a class. In fact, all the maintenance methods backpack bags in the most simple. The majority of my fellow men can remain careful oh.

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