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Maintenance multifunctional bag


Maintenance multifunctional bag

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In order to maintain aesthetic products, we recommend that you carefully read the following Product Maintenance Guide: 
- Be careful not to products or rub with a rough surface friction products, especially leather trim. 
- Keep the product dry and place it in a location away from direct heat (away from radiators, summer Avoid handbags stay in the car). 
- When cleaning, use a soft cloth dampened with a little soapy water to clean the canvas section. Avoid contact with the leather parts. Never use cleaning fluid. 
- Avoid contact with hand cream, hand lotion, cosmetics and perfume and other liquids. 
- When not in use, place the product stored in the purchase comes with cotton bag. Do not place the product in hot, humid or unventilated areas. 
Natural leather: Yifengsheng Handbag
Products made from natural cowhide trim, leather outer layer is made from vegetable tanned leather. Leather will be some natural marks and uneven place. In particular, avoid this type of leather pull, over time, the leather Samaranch charming luster. 
- Due to moisture may cause product contamination, avoid contact with the product and water. 
- Not dry hands (such as stained hand sanitizer, hand cream, water, perfume, etc.) contact may cause natural cowhide product defaced. 
- If the product accidentally wet, use a light-colored, absorbent, lint-free cloth to dry. Never use cleaning fluid. Shiny leather on, the more insensitive leather.

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