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High-end luggage beachhead Shanghai


High-end luggage beachhead Shanghai

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At present, sales of luxury goods market in Shanghai has ranked first in the Chinese market, where high-end luggage and more become a social elite and successful people, a symbol of taste, wealth, and their demand for imports of high-end designer bags of rapid growth. According to statistics released today by Shanghai Customs, from January to August this year, Shanghai Port to the general trade import all kinds of handbags over six hundred and twenty thousand, worth thirty million U.S. dollars, up 86.6 percent year on year respectively and 1.7 times. 
Analysts pointed out that in recent years, mainland China's luxury goods market is rapidly developing, has become second only to Japan, the United States, the world's third-largest consumer of luxury goods, almost all of the world's top brands have stores in China. Shanghai in China as a bridgehead of Western cultural crossroads, and is located in China's most economically developed "Yangtze River Delta" central region, with the rapid economic development, people's living standards continued to improve, high-income groups has expanded each year, the ability to buy the residents of Dongguan handbags growing. 
January to August this year, Shanghai Port import price in more than five hundred U.S. dollars of high-end luggage four thousand, an increase of eight times more than the same period last year, import price at over $ 1,000 top bags three hundred eighty-eight than last year nearly doubled. It is reported that Shanghai Port imported high-end luggage mainly in Italy, France produced by Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior and other world-renowned brands. 
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