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From the beginning of understanding leather handbags


From the beginning of understanding leather handbags

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A leather meaning 
"Leather" in the leather goods market is a common word, is the difference between people is a habit called synthetic leather and natural leather. In the consumer's perception, "leather" also has a non-false meaning. It is mainly made from animal hide of workers. Leather variety, species diversity, different structures, different quality, the price disparities. Therefore, all natural leather leather both collectively, the commodity market a vague identity. 
According to the physiological point of speaking, any animal skins have hair, epidermis and dermis. Because of small fiber bundles in the dermis comprising the mesh, so the respective fields considerable strength and permeability. 
2, leather raw materials shopping bag
Tanning raw animal skins, although we live in the most common is pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, but in fact most of the animals can be used for tanning leather. Just good quality cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin and production, is the main raw material tanning. 
Although the tanning of leather raw materials wide range of animal protection laws and regulations in accordance with a series of regulations issued by other international real for the production of handbags in what limited extent, is commonly used in leather: cow leather, sheep leather, pig leather and horse leather. 
3, with the difference between the characteristics of leather 
First layer of skin and the second layer of skin: Press leather-level points with the first layer and split leather, of which the first layer of leather has grain leather, corrected grain leather, embossed leather, special effect leather, embossed leather; split leather pig and cow split second floor was divided into leather. 
Grain leather: in many varieties of leather, full grain leather top the list, because it is made with less disability Pijia from the finest materials, leather surface of well-preserved natural state, thin coating, can show out of animal skins natural beauty pattern. It is not only wear resistant, but also has good permeability. 
Shave leather: buffing machine using surface light after finishing mill, and then press the corresponding pattern made of. Is actually a natural leather with a disability or rough surfaces were "cosmetic." Such leather almost lost its original surface condition, 
Full grain leather features: soft surface into leather, wrinkled leather, front leather. Characteristics intact grain pores clear, small, tightly arranged irregular surface plump detailed, flexible and good permeability, is a high-grade leather. With this cowhide leather products, comfortable durable and beautiful. 
Half leather features: it was in the production process equipment, processing, repair the ground only half of the grain, so that half a cowhide. Maintain the natural leather part style, pores flat oval, irregular, feel hard, poor grades generally used raw leather. So a mid-range leather. Because of the special nature of the process of its surface without disability and scarring and high utilization of its products is not easy deformation, it is generally used for larger area handbag products. 
Shave leather features: also known as "smooth leather", the market also called matte, glossy leather. Feature a flat smooth surface without pores and striae, in the production of surface grinding grain to make a slight modification in the leather top coating layer of colored resin, cover up the leather surface texture, light transparent resin and then spraying water, it is a high-grade leather . Especially the bright side leather, its glittering, noble and beautiful style, popular leather fashion leather. 
Special effects leather features: its production process requirements fellow leather finishes, just inside plus with colored resin beads, metal, aluminum or copper metal were sprayed on a comprehensive leather, then roll a layer of water-based optical transparent resin, the finished product has a variety of gloss , bright village head, elegant, is currently popular leather, is a mid-range leather. Embossed leather features: flower plate (aluminum, copper) with a pattern on the leather surface heating suppress a variety of patterns, into a style of leather. There are currently prevalent in the market, "embossed leather", which is the use of an embossed pattern with flower board, the name also will be called "embossed leather." 
Split leather: a thick sheet obtained split leather machine, the first layer is used to make shaving a full grain leather or leather, two-story or film series after finishing processes made split leather, its fastness resistance grinding poor, kind of leather is one of the most inexpensive. 
Leather floor features: its opposite is the second layer of skin leather material, the surface coated with PU resin, also known as foil leather. Its price is cheaper, high utilization. It varies with the process also made of various grades of species, such as imported leather floor, because of the unique technology, stable quality, variety of new features, for the current high-grade leather, price and quality are inferior to the first layer of the dermis. 
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