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Non-woven shopping bags are environmentally friendly products


Non-woven shopping bags are environmentally friendly products

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Non-woven shopping bags are environmentally friendly products,shopping bag it is tough and durable, can be repeated use, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts with.

In addition the consumer has a fine nonwoven bags while shopping, and businesses have been invisible to the advertising, can satisfy both sides, so the fabric on the market more and more popular.

In addition, non-woven shopping bag material is easy to decompose, non-toxic non irritating, rich colors, low price, can be recycled etc.. The material is arranged on the outside of 90 days can be naturally decomposed, placed in the interior of the service life of 5 years, the combustion of non-toxic, tasteless, and without any remaining material, so as not to pollute the environment, has been internationally recognized as the protection of the earth's ecological environmental protection product.

Non-woven shopping bags now has become full of tricks, whether it is style, or design features are very careful. Most people love choice non-woven shopping bags that instead of plastic bags on the market, become one of the standard measure of environmental protection bag.

The one sentence summary: in use process, characteristics of non-woven shopping bag can be reused because of its environmental status.

Tongcheng Chaoran non-woven packaging products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of non-woven shopping bags, boxes, packaging design, production and sales, service led export-oriented processing enterprises, with self import and export rights.

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