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Teach you how to identify genuine leather, imitation leather, first layer, the second layer of skin, PU, ​​PVC


Teach you how to identify genuine leather, imitation leather, first layer, the second layer of skin, PU, ​​PVC

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Yi sumptuous handbags a leather handbag
Only the first layer of skin called the dermis layer of skin and two
To put it bluntly crafted leather first layer of skin is directly processed by a variety of animals from the original skin
The first layer of skin leather bag prices should produce more than 500 (see the specific style, size)
Relatively speaking, the second floor is a two-part loose fibrous tissue, and chemical materials sprayed or covered with PVC, PU film processing. Worse than the first layer of skin quality natural
So the second floor crafted leather bag is relatively cheaper prices generally less than 300 (see the specific style, size)
Two renewable Paper
After a variety of animal skins and leather scraps fee crushing deployment of chemical raw materials produced. The surface of the repair process with leather skinned, embossed leather, as it is characterized hides edge over the neat, high utilization, cheap; but generally thicker skin body, strength is poor, only suitable for the production of cheap briefcase, trolley bags , golf packages and other technology products and cheap stereotypes belt, its longitudinal section uniform fibrous tissue, identifiable effect of solidifying liquid mixed fibers
So most people mistakenly thought to regenerate skin leather is actually wrong!
General regenerated leather crafted leather bags price of around 150 - 250 bar (see the specific style, size)

Three PU and PVC leather (collectively, artificial leather)
Leather: Leather or rubber is also called, is a generic term such as PVC and PU synthetic materials. It is in the textile cloth or non-woven base, produced by a variety of different formulations of PVC and PU, foam or film processing, according to the different strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and color, gloss, pattern patterns and other processing requirements made with color variety, good waterproof performance, margins and tidy, and the price is relatively high utilization cheap leather features, but most of the leather, the feel and flexibility can not reach the dermis effect; its vertical section, you can see tiny bubbles holes film surface and dry cloth or dry rayon. It is extremely popular early until now a class of materials, and is commonly used for the production of leather products, leather materials or parts. It increasingly advanced production technology, is being split leather processing and production of a wide range of uses. Today, mimicking the characteristics of leather to leather productive market, fibrous tissue that process is extremely surface of the base material, almost leather effect, its price and the price of comparable domestic first layer of skin.
In fact, the use of PU and PVC leather production
According to PU, PVC material grade different prices differ
For example, cheap PU, PVC only 10 a few dollars one yard
And expensive PU, PVC and even more expensive than leather
Hundreds of thousands of yards of material has a (I have seen a bag with PVC produced in Guangzhou, ex-factory price to more than 2000)
Most of the general market is to take cheap PU, PVC leather bags and other materials are mostly selling price just less than 150.
Even tens of dollars both.
Four on LV
We all know that LV bag is expensive, LV genuine bags are generally more than RMB 10,000
But I can tell you here
LV flower material series checkerboard series of materials used in addition to the outside with leather imported Italian leather color
The main fabric is not the dermis is taken extremely expensive high-end artificial leather material.
Because hinder the British government banned animal fur and leather goods taken in domestic sales
So the mainstream series LV leather bags are mostly not
However, the material used is definitely the climax of artificial leather material world
(LV in Europe, and the Asian markets are also leather series, such as we all know, water ripple series LV, LV leather series, etc.)
This problem can be more than we LV official website information! ! !
These are my five reference to the Internet to find information and personal views, we want to help!
If you have the wrong place also please forgive me, and sincerely hope that the professionals correction grateful!

Generous benefits last six handbags here to explain to you through a variety of leather processing leather:
1, water stained leather: refers to cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer and other first layer of skin bleaching and dyeing of various colors, loose and fell on drums and polishing processing of a variety of soft leather.
2, open side bead leather: Leather, also known as film, is throwing in half along the backbone, and repair to the open side of the leather loose wrinkled belly skin of the head and limbs or portions of the second floor, on its surface bonding a variety of solid color, metallic, fluorescent pearl color, two-color or multicolor Symphony PVC film processing.
3, patent leather: split leather blanks with colored chemicals sprayed after calendering or matting made of leather.
4, repair dough: a poor first layer of skin billet, polished surface, the surface rubbed ribs scar marks and blood, with a variety of color in the skin after spraying pulp, pressed into grain leather or glossy effect.
5, embossed leather: generally used in the repair or open edge bead dough skin to suppress a variety of patterns or designs made. For example, imitation crocodile, lizard pattern, ostrich pattern, python sticks, water ripples, beautiful bark pattern, embossed leather, imitation deer patterns, as well as a variety of stripes, plaid, three-dimensional pattern or reflect various brands Creative image patterns and so on.
6, printed or branded flower leather: leather embossed with the same choice of materials, but different processing, printing or hot Luocheng a variety of patterns or patterns of the first layer or the second layer of skin.
7, matte leather: leather surface will be polished and rough grain or fiber erosion scars, exposing neat leather fibrous tissue were then run dyed various colors made popular first layer or two layer of skin.
8, Suede: Suede is also called, is a skin polished billet velvet-like surface, and then the first layer of skin dyed a variety of popular colors made.
9, laser skin: also known as laser skin, citing the latest laser technology to etch the surface of the leather varieties of leather in a variety of patterns.

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