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Hand-painted designs handmade leather bag making sewing telescope


Hand-painted designs handmade leather bag making sewing telescope

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Engaged in the production of handmade custom leather bag has 5 years. In five years, has been constantly updated study, due to the non Cobain was born, for some specialized software and industry terms do not quite understand, very fortunate to have no intention to find bags forum, I believe this would be a good place to learn. Here, I'll share out superficial production experience, please correct me. Computer bag manufacturers

First, under a single customized to customer requirements is a retro, similar to the old Red Army-style telescope package. In order to ensure consistent size, its exact measure out the length and breadth specifically requested. For production.
In the design, but also tend to thick and stiff-based. According to customer's age considerations, this package design unsuitable excessive decoration and embellishment. So using a pure copper pin buckle classic design, is more interested in calm.
But also because of the telescope's size limitations, the overall package will favor the square type, in order to be more beautiful, were taken at the bottom of the arc design. So this end computer bag manufacturers design

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