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Maintenance bags


Maintenance bags

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proof: Basically, whether leather handbags, cloth handbags, hair handbags, multifunction bag, the most important point is that attention to moisture. Moisture-proof way, the simplest way is to buy a moisture agent, or come up with a soft cloth, blow, breathe.
2 Maintenance: handbag to sustain life on maintenance, as is generally the same as leather, available in different cortical special care and maintenance to wipe the oil on a regular basis.
3 Place: Use good with dust bag, handbag after use to prevent staining or distortion of dust, preferably with dust bag to bag set up; if not in use for some time, some newspapers can be built in a handbag or white tissue to moderate capacity to prevent and handbags without deformation.
Purses maintenance priorities: a bottle of the most taboo to touch water if accidentally hit or dirty water, first with a clean cloth to gently wipe the water, wash, do not use a hair dryer or water to clean themselves directly, in order to avoid ruin the quality and style handbags. 2 stained with dirt and unfortunately, you can use a wet towel over the carefully cleaned, coated with sauce and difficult to remove stains, this kind of leather when cleaning, be sure to gently wipe off, leaving too hard to prevent purses white, leaving traces. Patent leather is still prone to cracks, it must be particularly careful to first with a handkerchief usually like to use a soft cloth to wipe on, you can also add the appropriate toothpaste and special grease with a cloth to gently wipe the dip.
Canvas or cloth bags Maintenance: 1. Small area of the stain with water, a large area of water with diluted detergent or detergent, brush lightly polluted place. 2. If there are silver and other metals on the package where you can use silver polishes to clean and lit.
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