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Students invention multifunctional bag tent variable energy generation water


Students invention multifunctional bag tent variable energy generation water

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More and more urban commuters travel through outdoor ease the tension, but often by the venue and outdoor travel goods restrictions. Recently, Yuzhou Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology Innovation by a combination of four college students and other salty Andy produce can be turned into a tent, electricity and clean water can be independently multifunctional bag.

According to the project leader Andy salty introduction, outdoor travel once in high school, he and his companions lost, because the battery died, the two lost contact with other students. Multifunction bag, computer bag manufacturers' solar applications in communications equipment to avoid power backpack, backpack becomes a tent can reduce weight. "

"I like climbing, fear no water or electricity. At that time, I wanted to be able to invent solutions to these problems, just learning pressure, stagnated."

By the end of May 2013, Yuzhou Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology held in college innovative energy saving design contest, salty Andy, Wang Liang, Li Wei, Luo Zhiqiang race with the project.

In this project, salty Andy, who use Epoxy solar cells to charge a special treasure charge made by activated carbon water filter water purification devices supporting. Through a combination of innovation, backpacks expand to form a long 180cm, front width 84cm, the width 32 cm, height 53 cm trapezoidal single person tent.

Andy salty report said, and now multi-functional bags, in regulating state can give different types of mobile phone charging, lighting 40 hours or so can be fully charged, multifunctional bag, computer bag manufacturers can charge as an ordinary smart phone 8 ~ 12 times, give laptop charging 4-7 hours.

"In the future, if the project can achieve market-oriented, and that our efforts will be successful."

Chinese famous casting experts, academic leaders Huang Hanyun new energy projects, said water and electricity are travelers traveling outdoors most worried about the problems encountered, versatile bag novel, to meet the market demand, and practical. "After further improve the product, expected to be marketing." (End)

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