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Computer bag market research and analysis of the existing market


Computer bag market research and analysis of the existing market

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With economic development, scientific and technological progress, the increasing popularity of computers, a variety of brands, models, appearance, computer configurations are endless, computer bags market also growing. A wide variety of computer bags have become an integral part of jewelry around, people require a computer package has been strengthened not only in the practical, decorative but also has expanded. According to consumer tastes change, computer bags more diverse materials, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton, linen texture, computer bags and other fashionable. Meanwhile, more and more advertised in the era of personalized, simple, retro, cartoon style and other kinds of different sides to meet the fashion needs of individuality. Computer bag manufacturers, benefit rich handbag computer bag styles from the traditional business bags, school bags, traveling bags to pencil case, wallet, small sachet and other expansion. China is the largest producer of computer packages, the country has formed Guangdong Huadu, Quanzhou, Fujian, Hebei and Zhejiang Pinghu baigou four PVC bag manufacturing base. The existence of a huge international computer bag market demand for space, directly contributed to the growth of China's export products, computer bags, computer bags outlet makes a good steady growth momentum. 2007 full-year export amount of Chinese computer bag $ 10.81 billion, an increase of 24.21 percent, exports 7.779 billion, an increase of 21.56%. In computer bag exports, Chinese enterprises should continue to improve computer package R & D capabilities and technical equipment, enhance their marketing capabilities, computer bag manufacturers, benefit rich handbags expand export channels to further accelerate the pace of the world, the progressive realization of the product output to the export of capital, brand output shift-known at home and abroad to create a number of well-known brands, enhance the international competitiveness of products; while paying close attention to international security, technical testing standards to avoid trade friction occurs.

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