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Three design handbags


Three design handbags

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A similarity similarity handbags and clothing with a combination of the most important factors, which refer to the same extent for each partial. And bag are connected by a local line, shape, color, brightness, texture and local changes, size, orientation, weight, position, etc. Similar decisions. In one aspect or aspects similar parts are often separated observer. , Acts as a whole with the respective partial does not mean identical. Locate in handbag design clothing similar factors, and make use of, in the intent to convey a whole can achieve a multiplier effect. Second, the closed nature of the process is closed after the first visual scanning focus. We first need to observe part of the separated out into closed locally, and then focus on this part of the line of sight. Of course, this process is instantaneous. If we look at the state of the entire dress, then fell to a partial sight always end up on. Therefore, either as a whole garment bag in hand a partial design, multifunctional bag, handbag or a generous benefits package itself in the hands of local design, will become the focus of vision.
Third, the continuity of the continuity of the costumes in a straight line or along a curved trajectory, the local design, handbag design approach adopted. Because the use of a similar trajectory modeling in the local vote count, and will strengthen the local independence. Dissimilar because of local design can be combined with continuity. Also: handbags are starting off in the clothing and decorative effect, and must not be evenly divided, distracting. If you only want to highlight clothing, handbags and want to highlight, is the "multi-center = no center." Refrain overall relationship with the local reversed, recognizing local characteristics, adjusting local relationships with the whole. Hand? Used as ornaments in a category with other accessories, like to get a consensus on the style and clothing with style. We can learn from the master design costume design object upside down, applied to the field of handbag design, the design-conscious rich, the so-called inverted main object is to get rid of clothes as design objects tend to form the body of this man himself highlighted clothing itself occurring form. In handbags and clothing and relationships, become the subject of clothing, handbags become the object, there is also such a master-slave relationship between clothing and handbags.
Inversion of subject and object, the establishment of a new handbag main object relations and clothing, resulting in a new relationship handbags and clothing, multifunctional bag, handbag rich benefits of this God-shaped structure 利图达 unified effect. Clothing and handbags main object upside down, can not be simply interpreted as blindly to the pursuit of handbags guest role, in fact, appropriate to highlight the role of the object handbag is more emphasis to the dominant position of the garment. Of course, when we adopt the main object inversion techniques to avoid handbags and clothing from far away, while trying to ensure that the pursuit of a prominent object without changing its subordinate position, weakening the body and the body really does not phase out double. Fashion sense of stability is the basic element of beauty, a sense of stability that is visual and psychological balance.
Geometric shape of the handbag design enhances the visual characteristics, creating orderly space, showing horizontal and vertical integrated flat dilute and patches. Handbags constitute forms of weightlessness can cause visual mental disorders, thus losing beauty.
Meanwhile, handbag design and costume design is interacting and mutually reinforcing, and only when both highly coordinated and unified when it
They will be fully brought out the beauty. In general, coordinated continuum handbags and clothing is now on the following three aspects.
Photogenic styling echoes: the design is based on the shape of a bag of clothing as a prerequisite and basis. If the dress is more elegant style constitution, style handbags should also require exquisite and chic, casual style constitutes a relatively simple and elegant, the design also handbags casual and natural. When the outer contour of clothing is characterized by an arc, the handbag shape may be two situations: one is consistent with clothing lines, its shape to the curve-based, the other is in contrast with the clothing and curved shape the multi-line, in order to enrich the overall effect of clothing.
Color match, apparel beauty perspective, color effects should be pleasing overall apparel and harmonious unity. So, multifunctional bag, benefit rich as clothing accessories handbags handbags important one, and often act as a "finishing touch" role in the overall effect of the dress color. When the clothing color is too monotonous or boring when you can use bright and varied use of color to adjust the color handbag to feel, and when clothing color somewhat intense and stimulating, the handbag design and of using a simple, subtle color to the relaxed atmosphere. In general, the color according to the needs of the overall treatment effect can sometimes be extracted from the clothing of a
Colors used for handbags designs, so that both can quickly choose a good color fast, and easy to obtain highly coordinated color mining. The texture relative ratio: Due to the large range of materials constituting handbags, so handbag design, texture changes relatively abundant, handbags and clothing with different needs according to the psychological, aesthetic changes accordingly. For example: When the clothes are more delicate fabrics, optional rugged texture and bold handbags, handbags also have an affinity pleasant texture material; When the fabric is more

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