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Yi sumptuous handbags tell you how to discriminate fabrics


Yi sumptuous handbags tell you how to discriminate fabrics

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A good handbag, first look at its fabric, knot is not strong, then, is to look at his design style, I want in life, most do not pay attention to the style of handbags, but pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the following summarizes the five benefits sumptuous handbag attention point:

Gloss: good fabric in the light irradiation will have a distinguished glossy soft light, different fabrics are different gloss.

Texture: very delicate fabric feels good, feels very warm and comfortable without the hand mill; hang time will drape with nature.

Weight: good fabric generally lighter weight, even wool is not particularly heavy.

Reductive: good fabric itself has very good flexibility and reducing hand rub together can be reduced to flat, with no wrinkles.

Value: refer micron wool fiber diameter, the smaller the value, the better. Starting from 14 microns Kiton fabric, the fabric can reach the top few microns 11:00.

Different fabrics destined to different results, choose a fabric and good, but also to protect customer quality, professional customer experience designers have done the appropriate research to the requirements of customers in the first place, we have been advancing and driving force for development, you are welcome to inquire benefit rich handbag.

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