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About how cleaning bag is a difficult problem to solve


About how cleaning bag is a difficult problem to solve

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    After the use of computer packages always contaminated soil, dust, sweat, recommended dry soft brush to remove dust from outer backpack, wipe with a damp cloth instead of directly to the stain easily contaminated in the fabric surface. Then rinse with water, if oil is best to use neutral detergent solution, if not determine the nature of the solution, can be replaced with a bath solution or shampoo. And rinse, dry in the shade, but do not get exposure in the sun, ultraviolet curing likely to cause fiber embrittlement. After the upstream or the number of days long trip, soak for about 30 minutes, or rinse with plenty of water, avoid the stream of organic matter, little creatures, or rotten leaves stuck in the suspension system, causing mildew or bacteria. Yi sumptuous handbags, computer bag manufacturers to be completely dry, Dongguan * shielding keyword * computer bag waterproof coating surface damage, the best time is to use a professional maintenance spray water repellent agents, professional outdoor water repellent spray finish, You can backpack water repellent and new features like it!

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