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Use household items such as handbags bag need to pay attention to what issues?


Use household items such as handbags bag need to pay attention to what issues?

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Purchase channels: For home furnishings store, the site should maximize access to effective customer. Large local wholesalers and manufacturers as well as Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places of the wholesale market; does not exclude the factory door to door sales people will take the initiative; when purchasing through a network of suppliers, you should ask to send samples, the number of initial purchase is not too much, to be determined after the product quality and stability, further in-depth cooperation. Although the store is mainly responsible for the network purchase higher freight, benefits sumptuous handbags, multi-functional bag was able to save travel expenses and effort, I know that love to purchase very good.

       Asked by adoption: home decorations stress is a home of culture, called for the home have their own ideas, there are certain cultural tastes of the people, will be the store's buyer, you can find those white-literate 'returnees' more places to shop.

       Site direction: liquidity seeking investors can consider the scale of development stationed in the pedestrian street, shopping malls or supermarkets in the vicinity of the shop, the area can be between 40 to 60 meters, try to control rents in 5000 ~ 7000 yuan within three months of pay; while small entrepreneurs can choose beside a large community, secondary and tertiary streets near the university, or an area of between 5 to 30 meters, the rent does not exceed $ 3,000. Yi sumptuous handbags, multi-functional bag as consumers buy home accessories decoration is usually near the end when working hard, so it is best to close shop furniture store, curtain shop, craft market, should the building materials market for the neighborhood.

       Fieldwork: After initially identified facade need to be further investigated. You can choose the lot of a crafts store to focus on observation, cut whichever business the day of the three time periods, the calculation of the flow of people through the store, the number of customers into the store and buy the number of customers, the usual observation time required each day and on weekends.
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