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Leather industry to share the electricity supplier of business management


Leather industry to share the electricity supplier of business management

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If the classic marketing likened a fighter, then the engine just as the product; driver as team; weapons as the consolidation of marketing, and brand it, like wings. Electricity supplier how this era fighter replacement? Wing pairs, one should remain for the brand, one should of IT technology.
       Brand: Carlo Daisy CORALDALSY
       Electronic business platform: Jingdong Mall
       Strategy Mode: the quality of the online shop design
     "Uncle EGL whether to open a pull or a small noodle shop selling ready before the opening is very full, regardless of the color or size of the shelf, every corner will not let go. Detail is the key determinant of the success or failure of electricity 's store design is particularly important. "
Each leather merchant concern about the design of the shop had never diminished. For example, before the store opened entity, must pursue all aspects of the place, nothing to doubt. For electricity supplier channels, this point is even more significant. In the retail entity in accordance with the customer's behavior, we can have a sense of the traffic into three categories: passenger window, view and depth of passenger traffic. Showcase passenger name implies, of course, refers to the "pure passing" consumers, they might have noticed the point of sale windows, but just did not glance into the store; into the store shopping for rings, touch the left and right to see one that is attributable to browse passenger; and those were tried, the trial of the passenger, the passenger belongs depth to this layer traffic, shopping guide and then send the power, if they just hit promotion, is likely to contribute to a business transaction.
  The ultimate purpose of offline and online retail is the same, the next line, the "terminal activation" We always mention the statement, no matter what kind of traffic, go through the line retail visual display, visual elements , all possible means to space design, shopping guide language surgery, all classified as passenger pulls let consumers pay attention.
  Consumers into the home, pop a few seconds, a "passenger window" into two pages, a short jump is the "Browse passenger", and finally into a single product page, browse through the product details, Add to shopping cart or have the intention of parity can be regarded as the electricity supplier level "Depth passenger" was. All this points to the ultimate purpose for the behavior of more cold concept but with a measure of human life: "conversion rate." In a sense, the level and store design attractive conversion rate is proportional to the level of form.
   Brand: punk style skull Blog
          Electronic business platform: Taobao Mall
          Strategy Mode: precise refinement "explosion of strategy" under the shop
"If a fighter compared to classic marketing, then engine like product; driver as team; weapons as the consolidation of marketing, and brand it as the wing era electricity supplier how this generation fighter wing pairs.? one should remain for the brand, one should of IT technology. "
   We can rely on a strong Taobao online shopping platform to build four different types of stores: from the official online store, official authorized shop, independent shop to shop authorized agents, more aspects of the development of leather products online businesses, and through the official website shop the entire online marketplace to do the whole management, hierarchical regulation. Under the macro-platform planning, to find a breakthrough in the details: explosion models.
The concept is not new explosion models, the line stores often have "hot money", "hot money" promotional tools appear, "classic" is also regarded as a long-term "burst models", while online, "burst models the concept "is sometimes even more important, why? We look back to consumers, consumer platform Taobao to buy reasons there is a very important one: a single product sales. The specific sales figures are presented in the most intuitive leftmost page, sales data still descending order, the most intuitive to tell consumers this "shop" Which sell well, how much to sell, followed Which, how much to sell. The offline stores are simply not intuitive reflect this! Obviously, once the formation of hot, rising sales figures show a snowballing trend rocketing! Sometimes a product will be able to bring 80% of sales, and more importantly, there is the explosion models, the flow is large, there is conversion rate.
Based on this, the need to develop an online shop "explosion models strategy." Use spike, such as Taobao together cost-effective promotional tool to push the ongoing explosion models hot models, according to Taobao promotional tool for high product audit attributes, and promotion node to choose the right products. Of course, also need enough inventory to deal with hot periods, as well as a range of related software and hardware ready to work.
   Brand: poly bags
         Electronic business platform: poly bag Mall
         Strategy Mode: Super experience store + community + shop store experience full channel model
"Cultural Capital based creative design and brand building and the formation of the traditional factors of production is an important industry cluster must absorb only in traditional industries integrate creative design, original material goods without giving vitality to the ethos, culture temperament, so that consumers can produce feelings of dependence on the product. "
  Poly bags channel service platform is based on the Chinese Pijuxiangbao industry, leather industry in China cultural and creative as the carrier, electricity providers through online, offline experience of modern trade stores means O2O model, focused on creating Pijuxiangbao pathways open up, build "Light fashion" bags shopping platform of choice for Internet companies. The platform brings together the luggage industry-renowned brands, "high-quality, high-value, high service" business philosophy, market consumption and erection quality luggage business bridge leather goods brand partners able to provide a variety of professional services.
  Poly bags traditional business model innovation, integration super store experience, poly bags community store experience (campus shops / community shop), poly bags shop three channels, to create Pijuxiangbao O2O commerce platform. The platform focuses on authentic handbags, men bags, functional bags and accessories category sales and channel architecture, with products for light interpretation of the brand's pursuit of fashion and insights, to lead the mass consumer trend fashion bags.
  Meanwhile, the next line of poly bags and community campus store experience also broke the traditional store sales at the core of the curing mode, using experiential marketing style approach, through a multi-dimensional fashion show new, fun interactive user site experience, and customers to share experiences and latest improvements automatically absorb recommended to bring customers very contemporary shopping experience.

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