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11-year-old with the luxury bags Princess Aiko provoked controversy in Japan


11-year-old with the luxury bags Princess Aiko provoked controversy in Japan

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Recently, Japan's Crown Princess Masako, with her daughter Princess Aiko to Tochigi Prefecture, Japan Nasu Queen's royal pavilion over the summer, during the Princess Masako and Aiko went to the zoo with the public.

As a result, Masako and Aiko has not only failed to create a populist image, but attracted controversy. The same day, son playing in the zoo for a long time, computer bag manufacturers, computer bag manufacturers play from 11:00 to 18:00. Careful people have found, as a year before December 1 pupils aged 12, holding the hands of Princess Aiko's big package is the top Italian brand Gucci bag. It was also observed that Aiko took out cell phones to take pictures, and filled the phone like a Gucci bag also produced.

Aiko took Gucci bag and mobile phone sets, which attracted media attention. Then some Japanese weekly magazine published Aiko designer bags back photos. Allegedly, there is a business to disclose this package in about 40,000 yen (about 2480 yuan), 10-year-old to 12-year-olds is designed specifically for this style.

Japanese media as "Grade Princess Aiko, Primary 6 on the use of designer bags" for the title, had several version of the full range of reports. Japanese media that this is a common phenomenon, due to the low birth rate, the population structure of Japanese society, more and more parents to give children the luxury goods. Japanese media also mentioned that with respect to the 11-year-old Princess Aiko on the back of the Italian designer bags, Empress Michiko is very simple, in 1987 used the bag, this is still in use.

Sound controversy

Parents with school: pupils buy Italian designer, luxury

Members of the Japanese royal family usually studying at Gakushuin series of school. Princess Aiko graduated from the Gakushuin Kindergarten, a student at Gakushuin Primary School, is currently the sixth grade students. In addition to the royal children, many civilians in the Gakushuin elementary school.

Some Gakushuin elementary school parents said that from the beginning of the Meiji period Gakushuin the focus on equality, now let children with luxuries, in fact, is caused by a difference in computer bag manufacturers, computer bag manufacturers, this is not Gakushuin ethos. There are also some parents said students would buy the Italian brand, which can not understand a thing, it is a luxury.

Public tolerance: the royal family can also enjoy brand

Many people also behave more tolerant. Some people think that since we all like brand, the royal family can enjoy, this thing certainly nothing strange. It was also questioned why the use of foreign brands rather than local brands.

Royal Reporter: Princess Masako is not working, "anger"

There are royal correspondent, believes that the global economic downturn, in the case of the Japanese public pension issues, loans to buy a house and other issues common anxiety, Princess Aiko designer bags back news will certainly be controversial. Moreover, Princess Masako since the past 10 years in the treatment of depression has been no formal work, people will "anger" Princess Masako, that "Masako is to use taxpayers' money to buy luxury goods."


Hisahito was traced to wear designer jackets Austria

In April this year rose Japanese elementary school Little Prince Hisahito also been exposed to wear European brand, sparked controversy computer bag manufacturers, computer bag manufacturers. In 2009, Japanese media reported that Hisahito wearing horn button jacket is the Austrian brand Giesswein, the price of about 40,000 yen (about 2480 yuan). It also attracted talking about at the time, some people think, "3-year-olds put on a 40,000 yen of foreign luxury", "royal family should not be doing this!"

Hisahito on September 6, 2006 born, is a Japanese royal family after a lapse of 41 years for the first time of childbirth (his father Akishino was born in 1965). He is the uncle after Crown Prince Naruhito, father Akishino of Japan third heir to the throne

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